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Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring has sprung my little ducklings!

and i'm obsessed with the new trends! wedges, head wraps, cat-eyed sun glasses, embracing your natural hair and sooo much more gorgeousness.

i'll start with something i can't wait to wear!
not just any shorts, high waisted shorts. in all prints, fabrics, denims, linens, lengths.. well you get it right?

So these are kinda awesome because they are recycled Levi's! And a pretty dece price like $39

These are also Urban Renewal Levi's.


double OBSESSED. love this whole outfit, especially the denim shirt.

these are all on
and lets just say... i can't wait for my next paycheck.

more to come!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Wow, it's taken me long enough, right? Sorry guys.. if you've been reading my regular blog you would know I've been in this weird mood lately. Just not inspired or motivated. Well guess what?! That's gone and NOT gonna come back! And I'm gonna be posting a lot more often! Yay, right?! Hopefully.. haha

Lot's of trends right now. I was asked to start thinking of ideas for the Winter Style Section that is coming up for the UVU Review.. which obviously got me thinking. Durrr Lexi. Of course I made a listttttt. I'm gonna start going off that for some of my posts. Winter trends, while it's still winter (at least where I'm at it is)! Caaaa-peesh?! Holla?

Winter trend I'm loving riiiiiiiiight now:
Yes, you read correctly. I know, I know.. most of you are wanting to barf. Am I right? Trust me, I wanted to at first too. Seeing these huge completely fur coats, I was sooo sketched out. Like I would totally commend someone for wearing one, as I would anyone wearing anything different, but I thought I wouldn't be caught DEAD in one. My first thoughts were they were just cheesy and fake. Little did I know how chic they could really look.
I swear, that is always how it works, right? It's either LAFS (luh-huv at first sight) or hate followed by obsession. As November went by and I kept seeing these coats, it was obviously destined that in December I would be diggin' them.

And I did. Suprise surprise! I just had to try one on, feel the softttttttttness, and embrace my inner Kardashian. I know; I say this all the time, but you just have to have confidence! If you love something, but are worried others won't, it's all about confidence! Am I just stating the obvious? Prob. Ohhhh well. Anyways, go for it!

Silver, on 90210 wears a fur shrug this season eppp. 11. She can pull of anything. NOT FAIR.

FIRST FOUR: Forever21    (of course, where else?)

Just some examples of the Kardashians rockkkkin duh fur. Total fashion inspirations. 

Have I ever mentioned how obsessed I am with Kourtney's style? She can pull anything off, and is so creative. Look at her blog and you'll understand. Whenever I need ideas I go straight here.
(I just wanna squish Mason's cheeks! Isn't he soo presh?)

Anyways, hopefully you are at least considering the fur now. I believe in youuuu!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My laptop just randomly broke. Right in the middle of our countdown. Sorry if I left you worried, I didn't die- promise! 
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got everything you wanted. Especially some amazing new pieces to add to your closet ;)

A few clothing items I got that I'm in love with are:
-A few different blazers.. you can honestly never have too many. (A velvet one to DIE for)
-One of those massively furry coats.. I definitely wasn't feelin those for awhile.. but now I love them. So Kardashian status ya know? It's white (Not real fur, don't worry)
- The Lauren Conrad STYLE Book. It's literally my second bible.. is that bad? Haha I got it a few weeks early because I got some Christmas money early (Shout out to my Grammy for being such NOT a procrastinator) and I literally haven't put it down. Well, you know what I mean. There are so many amazing tips in it about EVERYTHING you could ever want to know! I'll do a full post on it later, promise
-DKNY Be Delicious AND Light Blue. YUMMY.

It's almost a new year!! Can you believe it? It's a good time to start over, get better, reach goals and dreams and do things you've always wanted to do. It's funny, cause we can do all of that whenever we want, but the new year just makes it like so much more motivating. 
I dare you to make some new year's resolution with your style. Be bolder. Throw out those disgusting clothes you've been holding onto for who knows why. Lose 10 pounds look even THAT much better in that outfit you've been wanting. Change your hair color. Cut bangs. Start wearing things you've been too scared to wear.
You get the picture. So until my laptop is fixed(hopefully within the next week) don't be expecting too many posts for the next weekish. But start thinking about what you want to achieve with your style!! Fashion right now is so fun, because it is so diverse. You can pretty much rock anything you want to and get away with it. Different is better. -And you can definitely quote that. Be you, after-all why be someone you aren't? That doesn't make sense.
I know I have many fashion goals for the new year..
What are yours?


Friday, December 17, 2010

Days 11 and 10

I HATE FINALS WEEK! It makes me get behind on blogging.. please forgive me.

DAY 10
aka 10 days till Christmas!!
sparkly, shimmery, shiny. YAY.
Well, this one is pretty explanatory. It's easy to see that the shiny glam look is so in right now, every where you go. I'm definitely a huge fan of this fad. My eyes just get so happy when I see shiny stuff. Sparkle totally goes along with the winter slash Christmas season. You just gotta know to not over-do it. One sequiny item is enough. And if you think you can't wear sparkle with jeans or anything that casual; you're so wrong! You can wear them with anything. So go get some! And wear it to a happy Christmas party. People will be attracted to your shine :)

Just got these. PURE LOVE.

DAY 11

If you think you can't make a fashion statement with an umbrella, you're wrong. This season on Gossip Girl is when I had this mind opening revelation. Serena and Blaire are outside in the rain and have the most amazing clear umbrellas.

Aren't you obsessed?!?! They're called bubble umbrellas and go down farther than the usual umbrella, covering the face. The only downfall to these umbrellas is that they don't shrink up being able to fit into like purse, but hey you are stylin' so who currs.

I found these like exact same ones at A little pricey for an umbrella, but in my eyes, totally worth it. Hurrs da link:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 12 (more than halfway there!)

Christmas is seriously like gonna be here in a second! I'm so excited. I wish there was snow on the ground though. Like my first Christmas season being somewhere where it actually snows, and there is no snow! LAME!

Highlighter slash mineral veil for yo face.

You may be asking yourself.. what's highlighter fo thaa face?! Well, guess what? I'm gonna tell you. I always do right?
So highlighter is a translucent powder used to highlight the face. It gives you a healthy glowy look and makes you look alive and awake (especially in the winter when we're all whiteys.. especially me since I'm too cheap to buy a tanning pass right now).
Highlighter really is magical! Like when you first apply it, sometimes it's not very noticeable and such, but outside or in like pictures- it makes you look poppin.
The gorgeous thing about highlighter is that you can pretty much put it anywhere. Like it's obviously meant to highlight your cheek bones, but you can put it anywhere! If you want your eyes to look more awake, you can totally put it on as eyeshadow, or just around the eye area. One of my favorite places to put it is around the sides of the eye. So when you turn your head its just like BOOM! I would lightly sweep it over the whole face, and then put on my blush, then add a little more just to the cheek bones.

Am I even making any sense?
...I hope.

Highlighters usually just look like a white powder, which seems so weird to put on your face. Like HELLLLLO! I don't wanna be whiter than I already am.. right? The thing is its translucent, so when you apply it, it isn't thick or anything. It's just a sheer powder. It just adds a little glow. They also make shimmery ones, which add even more glow. Whatever you're feelin though right?
My all-time favorite highlighter is the bare essentials one. It's called the mineral veil. It can be put over the whole face to kind of hold your make-up in place or just used as a highlighter.
These are about $20, but last foreverrrrrrrrrrrr.

My second favorite highlighter I've tried so far has been my Maybelline New York Mineral Powder Finishing Veil. It isn't too much about $6-8 dolla range, but then again lasts forever. Like you hardly dip your brush in it, and sweep it over the face.

I love the mineral veils. I feel like it locks my face make-up in place and makes it last that much longer. We all hate getting ready, then a few hours later lookin in thaa mirror and seeing that our make-up is like off. Well this will help with that immensely, plus make you look happy and healthy.

Spread the love, it's Christmas time!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13 Muh friendssssss


Like some people judge the blaze.
Chan's first impression. "You looked like my dad going to church."
Buck's first impression. " What the nard."

Morg's first impression. "Cute, Lex.. So what are you going to wear underneath it?..(wtf)"

Haha since then they've all said they've embraced the blaze though, and think I rock it.. well duh! ;)
But they all still haven't bought one yet.. hmm.

Anyways every time I do wear my blazers, I get so many compliments!
I never even thought twice about wearing a blazer. Is it really that weird?
The answer is, no.
Since the blaze came back on the radar, it's changed so much.
The fitted, button front, super flattering jacket has turned into anything you want it to be!
I like to be weird and rock the major shoulder pads. It makes me feel like Lady Gaga.

I am loving the over sized blazer though also, with not really any shoulder paddage.
Now there are short blazers, sequined(bedazzled) blazers, blazer fitted type sweaters and jackets.. possibilities are endless. So get one that is so totally you.

Love how this isn't super fitted.

Looks so cute paired with anything! This is a total example of that.

The points make this blazer so unique, love it.

Love the cropped length.

P.s. I'm beyond OBSESSED with her hair. Cut and color.
Those first five are all from Forever21 and range from $25-40 greens.

Love the lace.

This is velvet. Holy fetch I want this.

And these are all from Charlotte Russe. So random huh?! They have super cute wintery stuff right now. It's more expensive than you would think it would be, but still cheapy. Like these all range from $40-50 doll hairs. (Hahaha member when we used to say that?) But really, like I love to go into CR lately. Just look, trust me.

Welp, go get a blazer. Or at least try one one. You'll probably have love at first fit.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm sorry guys, this whole finals week coming up and work killed my weekend. (this is where you feel bad for me and forgive me for missing a day of blogging). Okay, thanks. Enough chit chat, here we gooooo!

The SLOUCH pant.
I love. The ideal slouch pant is baggy waist down, then is tighter around the calve slash ankle area. The thing I love about these pants is that you can dress them up, or totes dress them down. Like they look amazing with heels. Def my fave. Some are high waisted, some aren't. Some are drawstring, some have a zipper. The list goes on and on.
If they are ankle length, I'd most likely go with a gorgeous heel, like I said above.
If they are more calve length, I'd go with a boot! Or if you're not feeling the boot even a flat.

I love how casual some of these are. I love how they drape so perfectly then fit at the bottom. I love the different prints and fabrics.
I found all of these on, click this link and it will take you straight to the page.

Love how these are more of a sophisticated look, yet still have a drawstring. Ya digg?!

Just got some just likey this. SOOOO comfortable.

I love this print. It might seem hard to march with things, but really any neutral shirt will do. Or if you're feeling invincible go for a graphic T, tucked in.


I love slouch pants because they are comfortable, yet define your waist. These are a perfect example of that.

This is so vague, but I really am obsessed right now. I know it kinda came in and went out.. but it's back in full force. Haha I know they're are a few of you out there who know me really well.. who are probably thinking wtf? But let me just claify one thing here, I am obsessed with cheetah NOT zebra. Like sorry but, I'll pass on the zebra. Anyways, cheetah is gorgeous, and it comes in so many shapes and sizes and colors and blah blah blah. Here are just a few of my favorite cheetah printed items in the world today.

Hi. I want this so bad.
Urban Outfitters, of course.

I love these because they are subtle, yet are still noticeable. Forever21!
Love this. Forever 21. I love how they paired it with leather pants. I would totally wear this tucked into like a black pencil skirt to church. CUTE!

Love these. Especially living in the snow. They also make these super cute sockies things you can put in them, that are SUPER warm. Just sayin. Urban Outfitters also.

You get thaaa picture. I mean don't deck yoself out in cheetah, but a little here and there is fabuuuulous.